Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Change is hard

No matter how often you do it. 

What's that you say?  Change is hard for the cast and crew of the Adventure Nickel?  Balderdash!  Poppycock!  You guys change everything up all the time!

Kind of. 

We move locations around every three months.  We change addresses, grocery stores, entertainment venues, running routes, everything.  This is change we are good at.  We have done it so long now that this change is normal.  It barely counts as change.  OK, so it is still an obstacle, but a known one.

True change is scary.  True change is identity level stuff.  What are the names we call ourselves?

Are you a smoker?  Corporate worker? Martial Artist? Wage slave? Drug addict?

All of these things are part of who we think we are and it is scary to change who you are even if it is sometimes good for you. 

Travel nurse?

Wanderer?  Explorer? 

True change is hard...and scary.  Going from a suburban homeowner and staff nurse to a RV living travel nurse was identity level change and it was scary and stressful and worth every bit of it.

Going back to a stationary life with a regular job is scary too.  I don't know what we will do, how it will work out or whether there will be a continuing blog, but we have decided it is time to try this idea out and see what comes of it. 

Just like the cruise ship, the escape hatch of traveling as an ER nurse will still exist, but we want to give this an honest try. 

Oh yeah, about that ER nurse thing.  It may be time to give that a rest for a while.  I don't talk about it on here much, we try to keep it upbeat and family friendly, but working ER can be hard on a person. 

All that being said, we plan on settling down in Washington with me working as a nurse in a correctional facility for a while.  You didn't expect me to go completely normal did you?


  1. I've worked with a lot of correction nurses/er nurses who did both. Full time corrections, per-diem ER. They seem to kind of be similar, in a twisted, convoluted way. Best of luck, I'm sure the change will come easy.

    We just sold our RV and moved into an apartment. Our new plan is 6-9 month "travel assignments", then move on.

  2. Best of Luck!! I too have left ER and am transitioning to hospice.

  3. Good for you Chris, I have thought about that at one time or another too. The other end of the spectrum from ER.

  4. Hi Eric
    Where in WA will you land? We are in Mount Vernon (West side); If you are close let me know.


  5. We will be in or around Aberdeen.