Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Mycol: another chantrelle? really?

Today we went to Salt Point. The car ride was.... you don't want to know.
Oh man. There were a lot of mushrooms. Chantrelles everywhere we're like: another one? They were not prized chantrelles or something. Not particularly delicious either BUT. We also found.... BLACK TRUMPETS. That was my find. Here's a pic:
we have not eaten any chantrelles. horn of plenty or other.
Oh yeah, we also found hundreds of other species. One looked like plastic! The normal chantrelles were small.
this one also had a "veil" it was completely transparent

blusher? yellow fly agaric?

a chanterelle that had two caps coooool

brown cap chanterelle
If you have any suggestions  about what these are, please leave them in the comments! Thanks.


  1. Your veiled purple stem one could be a Cortinarius. Lots of "baddies" in that family, so be careful. Nice shots! BKL8008

  2. Thanks, We are identifying that one today and tomorrow. No plans to eat any of them, well maybe a nibble on a trumpet.