Wednesday, December 10, 2014

My point of view a post by Michael

Hello my name is Michael you probably know me from one or two of my Dad's posts
and I'm starting my own blog (maybe) called "Mycol" . But enough of that, let's get started.

Yesterday we went to Muir Woods. Here are some photos:
I wasn't sure about this one. It could be deadly or delicious.

I like the base of the stalk.

These were so "yum".

They're a fungus not a reptile.

Plenty of shrooms. The oysters were.....take a look at look at the caption. You think I skipped trees? Nope.

Who is this guy?

Looks like a mile but probably a quarter of one.

That path looks better
So yep pretty beautiful.
What's that?

What? A picture? Meh.
Others see a playground. Such as Max.

You may have noticed I'm kind of a mushroom geek. Dad is too. Thanks to me.


  1. Nice job, Michael. Or should I say "Mycol?" 😁

  2. Great job Michael!!