Saturday, November 15, 2014


Guess where we went today, go ahead, guess*.

*One guess only, no hints.
Didja get it? 

How about now?

If you don't have it by now, this won't help.  

I thought so.  And what a beautiful day to be in San Francisco.  This was a really weird trip for me.  When I was in the navy I was stationed in Concord.  For three years, I spent a lot of time in and around San Francisco.  I went to different places than where I took my family today.  We are adventurous, but even I have my limits.

Well, mostly.  I did a few fairly innocent tourist things when I was in the service too. 

Like this.

Hard to appreciate just with pictures.

Let's try a video

With the kids it was an easy first choice.  When we have some more time we will hit the Exploratorium and some other places, but for a quick stop it is hard to beat Fisherman's Wharf.

Sea lions are always a hit with kids

We will take the kids here soon.  And probably take home after too.

Damn, she pretty.

Happy kids.
Just a short post about a quick trip.  Have a lovely weekend.

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