Friday, July 4, 2014

4th...uhhhh, 3rd of July.

OK, so Poulsbo, WA is the viking community of the peninsula noted in a previous post.  And, as vikings, they apparently do whatever they want when they want to.  They don't celebrate the 4th of July on the 4th even though it is the one holiday that really seems to insist that it is associated with a given date.  Instead, they celebrate the 4th on the 3rd of July.

I'm OK with this.

A new found friend lives in Poulsbo and got invited to a party on the 3rd and invited us.  This is how we got to meet our Man Of the Year nominee, Brent Johnston.   

Brent lives in a beautiful house above a sloping hill with a view of the sound across from Poulsbo.  The previous owners of the house had a large annual 3rd of July party and, since they were only moving next door, insisted that if he were to buy the house, he would have to continue having this annual party and invite them.  He did.  It has grown.  In fact, they do this.

Why yes, my slip-n-slide can be seen from space.
OK, there is a lot going on in this picture.

Yes, that is a 40 yard long slip-n-slide.  The smoke arising from the top left of the photo is a wood burning stove surrounded by metal coils where the water pumped from plunge pool is heated before being pumped up the hill to lubricate the slide.  That isn't a porta pottie, it is a shower, heated in the same fashion by the same wood burning stove that heats the hot tub in the bottom of the picture.  I am taking this picture from a wooden deck where a feast of meats and prepared dishes was placed.  The neighbors and Brent brought more food than the crowd could eat.

So, how did the kids like the slide?


I appreciate your courage but, protect your head!

Nicholas torture.

You can tell he hates this.
Michael too.

Yes, they all survived.

Eventually even the adults got involved.

Michael called this "The Penguin"

It takes concentration

Loved this picture of Mikko

Then, when you were finished sliding and cold, just hop in the hot tub.

If you can find room.

Tired and full of fantastic food, we decided to walk down to Ruthie's house.  Because of course it was Ruthie who invited us to all this awesome.  Ruthie equals awesome.

She has a nice little place down by the water with a better view of the fireworks.

Sorry about the blur. 

That's the 'treehouse' hanging over the water.  It is an extra bedroom

There was even a bonfire.

Then the fireworks started.  Turns out I still need work on my fireworks photography skills.  Something to work on.

Happy 4th of July everyone!

So today we are off on a hike and maybe some more fireworks later.  Since we have Nana and Nicholas with them, we must torture them while we can.

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