Sunday, May 25, 2014

Six days?

It's been six day since I posted something. 

Well, that just won't do at all.  Seriously you guys.  Feel free to nudge me once in a while if I look like I am asleep at the wheel.  I'm sure I can roust something to post about.

Like the joys of having young boys.

And the random places you find their toys.
That's from Max.  We (that means Sarah, she notices these things) will find these Lego guys in plants, climbing countertops, poised to strike from the fruit bowl, wherever.  That is the kind of thing that happens if you keep them cooped up inside for too long.  So we try to get them out. 

They play with the local friends mostly.  But, we do try to find some type of organized activities for the boys.  They did Parkour in Santa Fe.  We got Max excited for soccer here in Bremerton.  Actually, the class is back in Poulsbo, home of the world famous viking doughnut.

Max was ready.

With a sunny spot and a good book, Michael couldn't care less.
This is Max's first time in an organized sport.  The group is for 4-5 year old kids who have never been in a sport before.  Perfect, right?  Well, organized is a loose term for what happens when you put this many 4-5 year old kids together.  And Max is big.  There are only two other kids in the class his size.  It is amazing what a difference a year makes at that age. They are trying to teach gross motor skills that are useful in soccer and teach kids not to use their hands.  I don't envy them.

Of course, Max used the time before class to rest and stretch.

Do a little dance

Look at that form.  I have no idea if that is good or not.

Organized?  This is why soccer coaches drink.

Michael...still doesn't care.


  1. I like Michael's take on soccer. Altho, the world cup is upon us!

  2. Michael has more cerebral interests.