Friday, May 16, 2014

Seattle day

Woke up this morning and got a run in.  Damn carnivorous hill almost got me, but I kept going.  I am still undefeated. Funny thing I have noticed.  When I was running in Houston I only noticed the smell when a large diesel truck or really old car went by.  Here, I notice a change in the smell with every car that passes.  Except the electric ones.

When I got back and cleaned up we set out for today's adventure.  We decided to take the ferry over to Seattle and walk about for a bit.  Sarah and the boys had been down by the ferry terminal before to play among the rocks and fountains, but this was my first visit.  The boys couldn't wait to show me around.

Neat fountains at the park

The rocks were pretty cool too.

Yeah, I'm king of the park.  No big deal.
This rock is HILARIOUS.
Eventually we got on the ferry and took off. The one hour-ish ride is free for pedestrian passengers from Bremerton to Seattle, but they charge you to come back.  Whatever, I'll take it.

It was a cloudy day or you would likely be subjected to many more pictures.

The kids wanted to stay in because it was cold and windy.  Sarah, of course, couldn't do it.

Eventually we got them out and looking around though

Ahh. Seattle.  We missed you.
Sarah thought back and figured out it had been 50 weeks since we were last here.  50 weeks.

From Seattle we flew to San Diego.  Then we drove from there to OKC, back west to Santa Fe.  Then we went to Richmond, VA before turning back to Houston.  That is a lot of miles over the past 50 weeks.  All so I could come back and take more pictures just a few feet away from where I took them last year.

Oh yeah, and I heard about this one tourist attraction we didn't know about last time.  The Gum Wall.


This is the wall near the box office of a theater where people have been leaving chewed up bits of gum smooshed against the wall for years.  Yes, this really is a thing.

And it's popular.

Just follow the crowd to the chewed gum.

There was a tour group there.  Really.


Michael:"We don't have to get any closer, right?"  Max: "Seriously, WTF?"

Then, of course, since we were right there, we had to go to Pike's Place Market.  Man, that place is crowded.

Michael decided he doesn't like the crowds.  He says they are kind of intimidating.  Right there with ya kid.  There is no way to go through without elbowing someone out of the way.  It isn't Tokyo subway crowded, but it's pretty busy.

We had to get outside.
Turns out they do better in less crowded situations.

And maybe some plants and water too, yeah, that helps.

Then we were done with the crowds and traffic.  It is nice to visit Seattle and I wouldn't mind living near Seattle, but I don't think I am the big city type anymore.  We got on the ferry and headed back.  On the way back I couldn't help but daydream.


  1. I am with Max. I found the gum wall dissing and bizarre. I didn't want to get close either!

  2. Did y'all see the Ballard Locks? Totally awesome, and the salmon ladder is so cool!