Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Trip East...Let's just finish this thing already.

OK, OK. 

I have been to work two days already and I haven't even finished the trip reports. 

We left Old Fort, where we parked for three days while we went to the Biltmore and drove to a park near Winston-Salem.  We had an unremarkable overnight stay and then drove through Richmond and into Ashland where we settled. 

There, done.  That last bit was just about as exciting as I made it sound. 

No, no, no, I haven't forgot about the mistake post, I will get to it.  First I have to adjust to this new schedule.  Getting up at 0530-0600 is hard after not using an alarm clock for 3 months or so. 

I had to post a finish to the trip though as we are probably going to Monticello tomorrow and I will want to post pictures and what not.  I hate to get to far behind, so this is a shoddy little catch up. 

Soon we will be back to the quality work you have begun to expect from the Adventure Nickel.  :-)


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