Friday, October 11, 2013

The Trip East. Tennessee part 2.

I know you are all waiting to hear about my stupidity.  And, in time, you will.  For now though, you will have to settle for a continuing narrative of the trip before I forget it.  You see, I type this from our campground in Ashland, VA.  We have arrived and are going through our process of figuring out where we buy groceries and take the dog potty. 

So, back to Tennessee.  I'll skip the actual driving to Knoxville. 

We arrived and started setting up in time for my dad to show up and give us a hand.  We got settled in at the Soaring Eagle RV park before Dad and I went out for a wine run.  Dad has a tendency, on infrequent occasions, to purchase a touch more wine than is technically required for the number of people present.  This might lead to over-consumption of the part of his guests.  Of course, theoretically speaking, this could lead to long and incoherent philosophical debates for some parties involved while other pass out on the couch.

Hypothetically, of course.

We had originally planned to leave the next day and go to the Great Smokey Mountains national park.  What with the park shut down, we decided instead to stay an extra day at the beautiful Soaring Eagle and recover. 

We needed it.  Lunch the next day was a little later than usual thanks to some uncharacteristically sensitive children who decided to just sit in their room and play instead or rousting their parents first thing in the AM. 

We didn't do much the next day, watched the Sooners play a close game.  Then it was bed time. 

After an alcohol free night (well, except for just a little scotch) we woke the next morning refreshed and ready to hit the road again.  It is always great spending even a little time with my dad.  It was really neat to see his motor home and where he spends so much time.  Pretty place.  It is surrounded by some really pretty places too, as we were to find out the next day on our drive into North Carolina. 

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