Friday, September 13, 2013

Cell phone camera cleanup

I have been wanting to review some of the pictures from my cell phone camera and this seems like a wonderful time for it.  I have been working quite a bit so that I could have this stretch of five days off so I can run the Santa Fe Thunder half marathon this Sunday.  We had visitors again last week and it seems more fun to visit than it does to post.  Now, back to some pictures.  All of these came from my cell phone.

Russell took us all to Rooftop Pizza for lunch one day.  Everyone was looking and smiling.  Crazy.

I don't know what you are talking about so here is a picture of a moose with a Max on it's head.
Look close, do you notice anything unusual about this triceratops? 

These were taken at a sculpture garden that Russ took us to see.
My sweet baby girl.

Looks fast.  Lighting is everything.
Max was helping us try on backpacks in REI in case we went...
Hiking in Hyde above Santa Fe.  Michael loved the wavy tree.

Of course, Max had to try as well.
Michael wanted it to look like he was punching the tree into a curve.

"Spider? Where?"
Hey ladies.

At the Santa Fe kids museum.   They love this place.
Face painter extraordinaire.

Michael made himself a dragon.
It's all about the lighting. 

Eventually I had to go home and get the good camera.

But not before shooting a few more pictures.
In the very center of the picture you can see Wheeler Peak and Mt. Walter.  The don't look as tall because of the perspective.

Rio Grande Gorge Bridge just outside of Taos

Looking up the canyon wall as we drove home from visiting the bridge.
A ristra of red chiles at a roadside stand.


  1. My favorite is the "hey ladies" one. Made me giggle!

    1. I do believe he will grow up to be quite the charmer.