Sunday, August 25, 2013

Survivor: New Mexico

I have been slacking lately with the posting.  Sorry about that. 

Hey, I'm a busy guy, got lots going on.  So what better way to appease the masses than with pictures. 

We took the kids to Rancho de los Golondrinas.  This is a nearby historical ranch preserved as it worked back in the 1800's.  They run frequent educational and edutainment programs.  This weekend was themed around how settlers survived in such harsh environments.  We thought the kids would love it, so we went. 

And saw a wolf.
 The wolf was from another wildlife program nearby.  Her name is Flurry. 

Not sure if survival gear or not.

Not survival, but useful. 

The sign on the ground reads:  "Beware.  Troll's Abode."

Of course you have to take a look.

Finally, survival gear.  They taught Michael how to make a survival bow.  But not how to shoot it

Daddy probably needs lessons too.
There was another wildlife sanctuary represented.  Guess what they dealt with.

Oddly, the boys weren't too impressed with the birds while this awesome tree was just lying around.

What'cha doin' Daddy?  Trying to take an artsy picture, goofball.

Better with the kids in it.

WE moved on to the old ranch dwellings.  The adobe keeps everything nice and cool. 

Michael wondered, "How did sleeping beauty manage to prick a finger on one of these things?" 

One lady making blankets from wool from the sheep on the ranch. 

More survival stuff.  Food storage and dehydration!

Now we are talkin'!

The quest for fire begins...

Although it took a few tries, we got fire. 

Next up was a quick black powder weapons demonstration.  The kids sat through it.

As the lecture went on, the kids asked to go back to fire-making. 

It was a fun and educational day and only about 4 miles from our house.  Pretty cool huh. 

Then, later that day, Rainbows.

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