Saturday, July 20, 2013


Santa Fe has just jumped up on my favorite cities list a few notches.   Today was pretty cool. 

We woke up early this morning, early for us anyway, so that we could go to the healthy kids Run For Fun.  This is a city sponsored free event.  We thought it was just a 5k run and a mile walk.  It turned out to be a lot more. 

The 5k started just as we arrived, the attendance wasn't huge. 

The kids were not happy.   I believe that Michael thought we were going to make him run a 5k or half marathon. 

But we force marched them the one mile course through scenic downtown Santa Fe.  As soon as it was over we found out there was much more to the day including face painting, a rock wall, bounce houses and more.  All for free.  It was really cool.  Also, people were very friendly.  One guy just randomly went and found us a chair when we went to a table that had only three.  People were courteous and aware of their surroundings for the most part.  It turned into a wonderful day. 

They gave the boys a bunny to hold while they got their arms painted. 

It was a fun day.

Oh yeah, I finished the first draft of the Adventure Nickel book yesterday.  144 pages and a shade over 52k words.  Now a short rest before the real work of editing and rewriting begins. 

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