Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Got 4 pages written today on the non fiction side.  That is pretty good considering my recent pace of 0 pages per day. 

I am saving the fiction work for after the non fiction book rough draft is done.  With the non-fiction thing at 120 pages, it is probably 3/4 written.  Might even be editable into something worth reading. 

No surprise that the non fiction book is about our travels.  It's not like I am teasing anything here.  I think it will be pretty good.  Even if it doesn't sell, it will serve as a history for the kids.  A worthwhile project for sure. 

Now the fiction thing...that is kind of a secret. 

We will see if it lives.

What I was pondering tonight was this: What happened to those 10-15 page days?  Man, I used to feel so creative and enthusiastic about writing anything.  I loved it.  I was writing short stories for AFO and my own stories and going to school.  It was great.

Of course, I didn't have a job, Sarah was supporting me while I went to school.  And I didn't have kids. 

Well, I guess that answers that.  Still.  I have creative moments, they just don't often happen yet while I am sitting at the computer writing.  Instead they happen when there is little hope of getting them down.  Writing now is dragging prose, screaming and protesting from the dark corners of my brain.  I hope practice will make it better. 

A road trip tomorrow, so not much writing, but I will get something down. 

I have to, I promised me.

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