Thursday, November 29, 2012


I didn't do squat today. 

Good day. 

Oh, I fiddled about with a few things.  Mostly hung out with the kids and took it easy.  Watched Sarah work on paperwork for the cruise thing, try to figure out luggage and packing, worry worry worry.  I love her to death.  I would help her, but I have found that frequently leads to disagreement in the way we each approach problems.  So, I took the kids and left. 

We went to WalMart and checked out the stuff the kids want for Christmas.  Then we came home and I tried taking a few pictures. 

Max was playing outside with his little guys and a horse barn he got from Sylvia.

Michael was inside reading a book.  

They seemed to have a nice day too. 

Now I am back to work for three days and then..who knows.  Well, I guess Sarah does.  I should check with her. 

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