Friday, September 28, 2012


It's done. 

7 days, 1700+ miles.  130 odd gallons of diesel fuel and I didn't count how much unleaded.  6 rv parks and two new tires.  Along the way we traveled a few new roads, but mostly returned over well worn territory.  We also got weighed the rig at a truck stop scale.  For those playing along with the home game we came in at 4560 front axle, 7180 rear axle and 12380 on the trailer axle.  GVW of 24120. 

The park here in Tyler is an interesting situation.  This guy retired and decided to build an RV park near his house on an undeveloped piece of land.  21 sites on 5.2 acres.  We are the first guests.  With our travel experience he is picking our brains about how other parks run and things he could do.  Neither he nor his wife have ever spent time in an RV.   Should be interesting.  He chose a multi-level wooded lot for the park.  It suits us just fine. 

Today marks Sarah and my 11th anniversary.  What a strange and wonderful trip it has been.  I'm glad I found someone whose crazy so well matched my own.  I love you. 

It looks like the internet connection here might be good enough that I can update the website and start posting some pictures on the blog again.  That will be nice.  Tonight though, I am going to work on finishing the AFO challenge piece I have been working on and just relaxing. 

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