Thursday, September 20, 2012


That's it.  Another contract in the books. 

Spent today fixing some last minute things on the truck and RV to get everything ready for the trip. Also putting out the little fires (figurative fires) that happen throughout the day, like the kids toilet valve sticking open and filling up the ENTIRE black tank and then overflowing.  The motivation for the day was not only the trip, but the promised reward at the end.  All you can eat sushi.  We are on the coast, have to have the sushi right?  Heck, this is California, I think it is a state statute that you have to eat sushi periodically.  We had meant to go to this place twice before but both times had been on a Monday and it was closed on Monday.  So we were going to get our chores done, run some errands and then to the sushi place. 

Our neighbor Frank was going to come home from his errands today and help with a fresh water wash down of the RV, but he never made it.  I hope he is OK. Our neighbors here have been cool.  I hope to one day put a post our about Frank, Mr. Fixit and Neal, the most interesting neighbor in the world.  Just not today. 

So I get the oil changed on the truck, grease the steering gear, check the tires and pressures on all the vehicles, etc, etc.  Then we head out to the restaurant.

It's closed.  Sign on the door, 'closed, new management.'.


So we had fish tacos in Pismo. 

Tomorrow we hit the road and drive.  I hope to have better internet access and more to say about less events tomorrow. 

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