Saturday, May 12, 2012


One more day of 'vacation', then back to work.  Spent today familiarizing ourselves with the new neighborhood, then playing in the dunes.  The dunes are really cool.  The neighborhood will require a little more research.  A good grocery store, someplace to get RV supplies and the regular ins and outs of daily life require commerce and we must find places for that.  The search goes on. 

We had fun on the dunes.  Plenty of running, jumping and digging.  Some sliding.  Lots of wiggling and more sand in the shorts than you can believe.  Ended on a sour note though.  Max tripped with Michael in close pursuit. Michael landed on Max's back and drove his face into the sand.  Max's first bloody nose.  Took it pretty well though.  Great day, hope more of the same tomorrow. 

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