Sunday, April 8, 2012


Some days I just don't want to write anything.  Or do anything other than just do nothing.  A long stretch of 3-5 days of working 12 hour ER shifts will do that to you.  Doesn't matter, I still need to write something just so that I remember how to structure an idea into a sentence. 

So, something occurred to me today.  I try to keep this blog about RV stuff and travel nursing stuff and maybe even a small note occasionally about the kids or family.  I had it stuck in my head that the audience for the blog would be most interested in that type of thing.  Funny huh.  The audience.  There are maybe one or two people out there who are reading this with any regularity and I am probably related to them/you in some way shape or form.  Sure, some potential employer may read some of this someday, but it doesn't matter as I find it hard to believe I would ever say anything here I wouldn't say at work.  So, in that vein, I'm going to open it up a little here and start writing and talking more.  Hopefully if I take some of the restraints off, I will be willing to write more.  We will see.

So, this post is one that is my first public declaration that I want to run a Tough Mudder.  This is a run/race/obstacle course that takes place over a 10-12 mile course and it is designed to test your mental and physical toughness.  You can learn more at their website  Pretty cool stuff.  I watched the Moustache Man's training video on the site and have been somewhat inspired.  I am regularly exercising and running.  There are a bunch of steep hills around here that suck now, but will hopefully help me when the time comes. 

As for the normal stuff, my Mom came down for the weekend and brought my nephew Nicholas.  We had a good time and introduced them to Thai food at a really good local place.  I was only off one day while they were here, but I hear today's Easter festivities were nice.  The kids hunted eggs and Sarah tells me there are good pictures.  I will investigate further later. 

We are also looking for a terrarium or pet of some stripe for Michael for his birthday.  He is pretty sold on the idea.  Hard to keep pets in an RV.  Sigh.  Kids. 

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