Friday, February 3, 2012


Some drama here. Nothing we can't handle of course. The campground where we are staying uses two work campers for routine park maintenance. On of the jobs they do here is to clean up leaves. What these two knuckleheads decided to do was rake them into piles and set them on fire. Not a problem until you locate that pile 15 feet out my front door and 6 feet off my back window. Now, I was at work, so Sarah got to deal with them. I wish I had been here. The campground owner said they workers were idiots and he never did trust them, but decided he didn't want to do anything about it other than tell them not to burn the leaves so close to our rig.

We checked out the other campgrounds, but none of them fit our needs as well as this one and this one only barely passes. Surprisingly, there aren't a ton of good campgrounds in this part of Arkansas. What with all the outdoor recreation around, I thought we would do a lot better. Oh well. Three months.

And for those keeping track at home, jogging up hills and mountains is harder than flats. The more you know...

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