Wednesday, August 3, 2011


OK, at some point I will get around to doing a trip report for the rest of the trip. For now though, we are settled in Boise, getting to know the new place and the new job. The adjustment period.

This time there are no jagged snow capped peaks or 600 ft waterfalls beckoning and insisting that you go immediately. There are beautiful areas here and some that we are really looking forward to, just not immediately.

It is really nice getting back to a computer charting system at work. Paper charting sucks. We keep hearing reports of horrible heat across the country. So far we have managed to avoid most of the worst of it. It is mid 90's here most days, a few 80's and even fewer 100's. Heck we didn't even use the AC in Vancouver. It is nice to finally dry out after the constant moisture further West.

Spent today at a local pool. Tired in a good way.

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