Saturday, July 24, 2010

Waxing poetic

I had a thought the other day while I was at work. Probably has very little to do with reality and is only mediocre prose but I figured I would share anyway.

I was sitting at the nurses station. A few feet across from my desk were the glass doors leading into the rooms of the psych patients that I was in charge of watching. One wandered and roamed about her room occasionally rearranging the contents of her luggage. The other lay on the bed having an animated conversation with a lifelong imaginary friend. Neither was aware of the other. Neither could see the other but I could see both. Each sat in there isolation with no idea how close they were to someone remarkably similar. Nor were they aware of the still larger community of the ER around them. Each sat wrapped in their own preparation for their solitary journey. One packed supplies and snacks. The other brought along a trusted companion. It was remarkable visual analogy of their mental state. Alone only because they couldn't conceive of what lay only a short distance away.

Ah well. Like I said, probably no relation to reality, but it struck my fancy.

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